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The Name

Many have binned over the years but those most adept at the Biniscular art are recorded in the following list:

Andy Biggar
Mark Cowper
David Dunham
Neil Dunham
Carl Fleischer
Andy Horwood
Leppo Marxx*
Wayne Lang
Aidan Marsh
Mick O'Sullivan

* For reasons of poncing about, James Arber has asked that his real name be disguised on this website. In respect of James Arber’s wishes, we have changed his name to Leppo Marxx.


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With the onset of reasonably sized pay packets (having moved on to non-Football Club related jobs), the hire of cars and vans became the norm. This was better for us because it meant that we could drive along stretches of the Ridgeway and not worry too much about the vehicle. The first and biggest group trip took place in 1990, when a party of ten made the trip. Some members of the party would have rather stayed at home on reflection, but, on the whole, the trip went down well. However, it was still a good argument for not having girls along (male bonding has always been the major ‘thing’ about Binning).

At this point, the name ‘Binner’ had still not been coined: but somewhere that name had been appointed to us, and we were now in headlong collision with it. The next Minibus mounted group trip took place with a reduced crew of six, and it took place in the wet and cold of October’s arse end. The state of the weather persuaded most of us to dig out some very old and, in many cases, best forgotten hats, which we had hoped would assist in the body warming process. Not to say that they didn’t play their part in maintaining a level of comfort on the trip, but they also produced an irresistible image of us as a bunch of escaped street loonies (and this was at the peak of care in the community). This vision of ourselves is one we came to recognise and nurture.

In our own minds, addled by tiredness and alcohol, we imagined people crossing the road to avoid us, or putting all their shopping on the bus seat next to them so we couldn't sit there. With this in mind, the minibus was christened the "Binner Bus"; named for those sterling vehicles that transport everyday asylum based lunatics (lunatics = loonies from the loony bin = binners) to various community establishments. They could then dribble on the floor in a public place, whilst their wards were cleaned.

Before too long we imagined small children running to their houses for safety, spurred on by the arrival of our mini-bus, shouting warnings to their mothers that "the Binner bus is coming". The name stuck and thus the Binners became whole.