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Street Cred

Many have binned over the years but those most adept at the Biniscular art are recorded in the following list:

Andy Biggar
Mark Cowper
David Dunham
Neil Dunham
Carl Fleischer
Andy Horwood
Leppo Marxx*
Wayne Lang
Aidan Marsh
Mick O'Sullivan

* For reasons of poncing about, James Arber has asked that his real name be disguised on this website. In respect of James Arber’s wishes, we have changed his name to Leppo Marxx.


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Binning can have a major affect on your social life. Long term Binner Leppo, for example, has suffered much trauma in the ‘Real World’ since his first trip. It is for this reason that Leppo has requested that his real name, James Arber, remain undisclosed, and that no undisguised likeness of himself be reproduced. I am sure Freud would have had a few interesting things to say regarding his decision. Anyway, here is an incognito picture of Leppo (created with state of the art CGI graphics) enjoying a late night stroll along the West Kennet road, which runs along the course of the southern avenue of stones.

At the other end of the spectrum however, there is Mick: a man who revels in his very Binner essence. Mick is definitely one of the beautiful people; though lacking fairness in his own countenance, Mick consorts with good looking posh birds and earns stacks of cash (though he is currently on a hiatus from work, travelling round the world). Yet he is still willing to debase himself by partaking in the Bin. Mick can easily switch from big bucks businessman power breakfasts with major movers to woolly hatted care free oblivion with the rest of us low powered Binner folk.

The transformation is as stunning as it is complete; he can be equally as elegant in a pinstriped city three piece as in his baggy legged ‘pooh catcher’ jog bottoms and water-proof anorak. Mick’s mental attitude takes on a total change of tack, depending on whether it’s business or Bin. When on the Binner trail, Mick becomes lighter and fluffier, and has even been known to sing the odd song about horse riding on Hergest Ridge (a very odd song I may add) as well as the occasional Irish rebel song.