Date (1987) Leg Method Notes
23 May Watford High Street to
Watford Junction
via Lyn Fleckney's and the Tantivy
Foot Left Theresa at the High Street Station for the official start, deciding that having spent 139 on a price busting rail card (free travel abroad and half price in the UK) we would walk the first leg of the journey. Got to Lyn's within three minutes of departure, having done a bottle of wine, and popped in for a drink. After leaving Lyn's, we got held up by a few Guinnesses at the Tantivy, eventually making it to Watford Junction over two hours after our departure. Managed to persuade some drunken Scottish Rugby fans that we were genuine Johnny Frenchmen.
23 May Watford Junction to
London Euston
Rail Can't remember much about this bit at all. Presumably uneventful.
23 May London Euston to
London Charing Cross
via various loo stops (unofficial) and Forbidden Planet
Foot Excellent game of one aside footy Euston Road edition, much to the chagrin of motorists and an ambulance driver. This was Bally's golden days, little suspecting his later demise. After a quick loo break at the Centre Point underpass lavvy, which Wayne mistook for being closed, we headed for Forbidden Planet, where I purchased the Dr Who Fun Book, and a copy of The Faceless Ones. Remember getting to Charing Cross and Attempting a lie down.
23 May London Charing Cross to
Dover Priory
Rail Significant memories of leaving Bally on the train at some stage, but not much else at the moment. Some sobering up being done here me thinks.
23 May Dover Eastern Docks to
Calais Maritime
Ferry Fond memories of Lourdes Pilgrims on a dark crossing, accompanied by the biggest bottle of Bailey's we'd ever seen before. And was it me, or was there some sort of Welsh choir on board?

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