Dave en repose sur calais, having shared the crossing with about a million pilgrims on their way to Lourdes. The Bailey's helped speed the trip.

She told us she her name was Beth (or something), but we, or more specifically Wayne, new she was really Susan Vega

Dave stands outside 'le lair de l'homme de le Elelephant' (les Saisons Quatre?). We bought some foo yung and noodles from him.

We 'mange ses Chinois, sur l'Hotel Grotte', so bad, Wayne had to visit it twice (the hotel, not the food). L'Hotel Grotte's cat's name is Albert.

100F in the shade and Dave's still got a coat on. He has, however, unfastened his top button. Looks like L'Arc du Wellington behind him.

Feeling home sick, but no solace from the cheep pay per view telescope. Looking the wrong way for Watford anyway. Still, Dave got quite an Eiffel.

Paris in the spring eh? At the bottom of the tower we met a french student who had been staying in Rickmansworth whilst studying in England.

And at the top, in the toilet, we met a couple of chaps from Hemel Hempstead. This picture is used only to represent ther view of that encounter

Wayne points out the locale of Versaille

We guessed that the wire mesh was there to 'chip' or 'dice' suicides as they made their way to the ground floor

Not sure about the symbology here

Wayne shows a little north west London Derrier. To be fair, Paris had nearly bored his pants of by now and this was a complete accident

Things to do in Paris before you die of something nasty and lingering. We declined, the only unsavoury meat we got was from MacDonalds & Burger King.

The Sacre Coure, or the Chocolate Cake, or something like that. It made a spectacular Church, but lacked a great deal as a confection.

Wayne sits and poses, whilst man at C&A stands and poses for the Spring '88 catalogue.


Official Game of EURO87


Official Reading of EURO87


This little adventure, and it's failure to last the allotted month, gave birth to