If you look carefully, you can see.... Oh, that's disgusting. Good thing you wouldn't catch either of us doing anything like that...

So here's a close up

In a totally un-related incident, Wayne rues a lack of soft, gentle loo roll, and attempts to dislodge stubborn "klinkers" using a tunnel wall

Dave didn't quite get the idea right, and might have gotten the ceiling dirty if he'd remembered to remove his trousers.

On the trip back, we kept an eye out for any familiar 'landmarks'

The legendary M L'Comte, who, though only made of ruck sacks covered in a sleeping bag with a hat stuck on the top, was always asked for his passport

Things to do in Vienna before your genitals drop off

Wayne 'Donkey' Lang goes bareback on Vienese local Donkey 'Wayne' Rider

This peculiar object around the back of the interesting parts of Vienna caught our eye. It looked enough like a giant TARDIS to warrant a picture

A supposedly innocent picture with Wayne gesticulating in a peculiar manner just below an advert for butter

So here's a close up, making the W shaped anchor a little bit clearer

The mighty Horn's represented in picture form on the cover of a box of subuteo, in a Venice toy shop. I always thought they'd have AC Milan over there

Busking outside said toy shop, the trusty self timer let us down this time, well that's what Wayne, who took the photo, said

Back on form for the Album cover though. 'Un Ponte Troppo Lontano' I thought might be good

A closer look reveals a love trist sworn a year before we got there. I wonder how they are getting on now.



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