We took a big wad of WFC car stickers with us to put in each of the trains we went on. We didn't actually ride on the big O, but left our mark anyway

This was supposed to be a picture of Dave and Wayne eating spagetti, however, Dave ended up with some other arse hole

Monaco Grand Prix day; this was our view in the searing heat for about five hours using our bum cheeks to cling to grass tufts on the side of the hill

Our hotel room in Nice after just 10 mins. After the Grand Prix we decided to spend the night in the hotel, eventually leaving a week later

This is how we spent much of the next few days. At least Waynes got his clothes on

Oh well. This picture was taken to illustrate the local lady looking in through the window from across the road. Strangely heard her say "not again"

More dodgy symbolism

Well, if you think the feet look bad....

You should see the other end!

And conclusive proof for what Wayne suspected all the time. The sun does appear to shine out of it

More busking, this time without the intstruments. The hat remained empty

A view of Monaco harbour with a mysterious new arrival

HMS Ariadne appeared over night during the week, and we went on to spend some time aboard with a great deal of beer on our last day in the area

We walked round the course a few days after the race. We took about an hour, which was still better than Adrian Campos did in his Minardi

We found this totally unnatural amphitheatre on the hillsides of Monaco. The Acting was predictable - Wayne did Hamlet, and Dave did Macbeth



Official Game of EURO87


Official Reading of EURO87


This little adventure, and it's failure to last the allotted month, gave birth to