The Story of the Binners
 In Words and Pictures

Many have binned over the years but those most adept at the Biniscular art are recorded in the following list:

Andy Biggar
Mark Cowper
David Dunham
Neil Dunham
Carl Fleischer
Andy Horwood
Leppo Marxx*
Wayne Lang
Aidan Marsh
Mick O'Sullivan

* For reasons of poncing about, James Arber has asked that his real name be disguised on this website. In respect of James Arberís wishes, we have changed his name to Leppo Marxx.


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First Binner Trip

Having cut short a month long trip round Europe, Wayne and Dave looked to bulk up their holiday hours with a few day trips. This picture of Dave, Andy and Mark at Stonehenge is from one of those trips, which proved to be the inspiration for the Golden Age of Binning.

Dave awakes, in the first bus to Bin

This is from the first trip proper, Wayne and Dave on a planned trip down to Avebury for the first time, with our first look at West Kennet Long Barrow. We then slept in Proto-Binny, vowing to return to the barrow with ground sheets.

Philip's House, 1988

Also from that first trip, this photo, taken from the van, is of Philip's House, Dinton, where Wayne spent the week with Little Green school back in the dark ages. It was as part of that trip that he first went to Avebury.

Dave and Friend at Longleat

Early trips often involved a visit to Longleat on the Sunday, and we were always amazed at just how friendly the natives were - I mean really friendly. This has often been cited as the top piece of Binner photography ever.

Wayne on the cap stone

The early years of Binning usually featured Wayne and Dave on impromptu visits down to Avebury for a single night. This pic of Wayne has him perched atop the cap stone of West Kennet Long Barrow in his 'Solvite' shirt. So both shirt and Van provided by Watford FC then.

Dave not on the cap stone

Less sure of his feet, Dave didn't quite make it on to the taller cap stone, and settled for one of the lower standing stones at the entrance. Wayne was the only one with a camera in the early days, so he didn't feature in that many of the pictures.