Quick stop at the photo stone. Back row: l to r, Dave, Aiden, Neil, James; and front row, Mick, Wayne.

The Binners

The Binners: a bunch of fully grown adults, once avowed to making sure that at least part of their leisure time was spent in a manner slightly less boring than the rest. Your typical Binner male will achieve this by taking advantage of the UK's vast number of beautiful and mysterious sites that testify to Britain’s diverse history.

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Later, after the passage of some six years, Wayne’s memories of the village and the pre-historic sites that surround it, caused him take a diversion whilst cycling back from his Nan’s in South Wales. Over the next fourteen or so years, he continued to visit the village whenever opportunity reared its head; The last of these occasions being in 1987, when he went accompanied by a small group of friends that included Dave (or Me, as I sometimes refer to myself). It was on this occasion that visits to Avebury became a rather more essential part of both Wayne's and Dave's lives, and rather than being just an occasional curiosity, visited on the way back from somewhere else, it became a deliberate destination, around which other visits fitted in. We have continued to visit the village on a semi regular basis ever since.

The Table below shows a number of key Binner mile-stones

c1974 1987 1987 1988 1990 1995 c1995 and on

Wayne visits Avebury on a school trip

Wayne encourages a trip out west that includes a fateful return to Avebury
Wayne and Dave return to Avebury, visiting West Kennet and spending the night in the WFC mini-bus
A return to Avebury, this time to sleep, for the first time, in West Kennet Long Barrow
First, and most successful attempt at the Ridgeway
Going international (for Binners) we tackle the West Highland Way, and win!
Everyone gets married and Binning slows down a bit.

Bunch of Binners

Many have binned over the years but those most adept at the Biniscular art are recorded in the following list:

Wayne in a Druidic pose inside West Kennet Longbarrow
Wayne on an early trip, reflecitng the ancient mystical back-ground of West Kennet Long Barrow. Is this how the druids would have stood in the barrow. Probably not.

Standing aloft the Devil's Dumpling - a dolman
After Wayne and Dave's early trips, Neil and James showed enough interest engender an invite to ride. This they took up with enthusiasm, and have since been, seen and done just about everything in the Binner repertoir.

Bunch of Binners cont...

* Simon G only became a Binner by stealth and is not actually aware of his inclusion in the cannon.

** For reasons of poncing about, James Arber has asked that his real name be disguised on this website. In respect of James Arber’s wishes, we have changed his name to Leppo Marxx

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