Wayne gets Home Sick. In his baseball cap.

This was truly very nice, but effective as his camera was in the majority of situations, the true splendour of the Sacre Coure could not be captured.

Wayne leaned back just in time (and just as planned), in order for us to adopt a brief and unfulfilling career in stalking.

Here's a close up for all the leg men. However In this PC world I can't get away with that anymore, so it's also for any leg women out there.

I know, I know, you really can't make out what should have been the true subject of this picture.

So here's a close up of the headlines, whilst Wayne stands in front of the Spanish Steps.

I know, I know, you can't see what should be the true subject of this picture, but that silly perm of Dave's is definately better off under the hat.

By this time, we were getting pretty hungry

An exclusive picture of the apparition of the floating hat of our lady of the Parthanon.

Warning, this picture may contain nuts

Dave obscures the Alps in the latest of our occasional series entitled 'Wayne and Dave Obscure the Sights of Europe'

Dave charms a 'European Hand Snake' from its rope basket at the Luzern Museum of Transport, whilst using a model helicopter to levitate himself

A sad attempt to mock up an image of Dave at the controls of an aircraft in flight. Anyway, Wayne fell of the wing and fell 1500 feet into a bog.

And if you don't believe me, here is the proof.

If you look carefully, you can just see Dave waving from the next carriage



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Official Reading of EURO87


This little adventure, and it's failure to last the allotted month, gave birth to