Contemplating a game of one a side footy Monaco edition. We could only imagine the thronging mass which the local team might play in front of

The loss of our constant companion bally. Wayne said kick it, it won't go far, Dave did, and it's probably been to Africa and back a few times by now

Unconsolable. Dave was totally unconsolable. Mind you, if you think about it now, he may hold the record for the longest football kick in the world

Hunger strikes, and percy the crab nearly pays the price. This was only a little gag though. Dave soon put him back where I found him - in his shorts

Wayne went on a little solo trip to take a nice picture of that picturesque border town of Ventimiglia (now twinned with Kings Langley)

Back on the trains, and the journey between Monaco and Nice was a well trodden path

I found myself on the wrong side of the doors, but that wasn't as bad as the family who were sitting on the roof

This is a genuine photo, taken DURING a full league match between Monaco and Marseille, the teams that would dominate the future of French footy

On the beach, the day after the 12 hour session onboard the HMS Ariadne. Not as comfortable as the previous nights bed of dung, but more fragrent

Olivier Jolie introduces Frequence 47s latest disk diddler Wayne 'Fluff' Lang. Dave was upset that they had no Plastique Bertrum

A group photo of that afternoon's special guest crew on Agen's number one Radio station Frequence 47. And that's as far as it went, okay

Persued by the army, we thought it was now about time to head home

In splendid repose, I take a well earned rest on the way from Dover to Victoria. On my shoes a polite warning and appology to any that come near me

Left Foot:I'm A Inter Railer; Right Foot: Please excuse me, my b******s stink. And don't ask about the WFC/Luther /Harry Hornet related graffittii



Official Game of EURO87


Official Reading of EURO87


This little adventure, and it's failure to last the allotted month, gave birth to